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your commute. we shot this have i had earlier this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see the kind of conditions drivers have been dealing with all morning and will continue to be dealing with probably for the next couple l of hours, one of the situations that you don't see things, the car in front of you, the signs, until you're right up on them. they have issued a fog advisory particularly in the vacaville and davis area, visibility is under one hundred feet and 580 eastbound has been a problem area. here on the embarcadero, traffic is moving pretty quickly right now. but bottom line is leave extra time this morning. live in san francisco, anne makovec cbs cbs 5. it was tricky getting into work today with all of the fog. at one point on the highway i couldn't see the signs until i got to them. >> slow down. >> have you seen her drive. >> i don't think i'm ready for
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that. >> we have to have a care out there this morning, because visibilities are down to near zero. there's dense fog advisories in the bay area and the sun should come out earlier than it did yesterday. high pressure is putting a lid on the moisture over the surface. we'll have temperatures starting out in the low 40s to low 50s. livermore, 40 degrees and clear. it's clear in san jose, but once you head toward the bay, you will hit the fog. fog early, sun later and rain begins in the bay area late tuesday and will spread south over the rest of the bay area on sunday. it will stay wet through the weekend. all that fog, yesterday we cleared up for a bit and fog returned late last night. and we'll contend with that for another couple of hours. mid 60s will do it for the bay area. will be pleasant once we dispense with the fog. before we dispense with the fog, we may have trouble on the road e -- ahead.
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you hit that wall of it suddenly. it's difficult to see the road signs. signs. we sent our camera crews throughout the bay area. right by mariposa. you can see downtown san francisco is just in it this morning. elsewhere, 101 this is near the mckee exit in san jose where it's clear. again, this is just patchy dense fog. some areas are fine. this is through san jose where the headlights are moving northbound. so far pretty good heading up toward santa clara and we have been watching this one accident. the southbound lanes of highway 85 approaching the expressway, an overturned accident. it is off to the right hand shoulder, so not blocking lanes. milpitas looks good after this back to work monday. so far so good, no delays for b.a.r.t., ace, muni, caltrain
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or ferryings. that's check of the time saver traffic. back to you guys. 6:03. three people from the bay area are among four killed in a crash in placerville. a prius and a mini van collided along highway 50 on saturday night. a man, woman and child all from san francisco died inside that prius. a 4-year-old girl was in the van and passed away. highway patrol said the prius veered onto oncoming traffic and it's not clear why. ten more than last year, 21 of those killed were in cars in chp jurisdiction, one of those 21 rather, 13 were not wearing isn'ts. here in the bay area, five deadly accidents kill a total of 6 people and there were 224dui arrests as well. a close call from a pilot from nervado and his passenger. they were able to crawl out of
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the wreckage of the small plane headed toward john wayne airport in orange county. it flipped over an emergency landing near the cal state campus. faa is investigating. mock sent -- carbon monoxide sent more than dozen people to the hospital. over a carbon monoxide leak. there were 14 people at the home who were taken to the hospital. they're expected to be okay but city officials and pg&e are still trying to figure out what caused the problem. >> when we arrived, we checked the residents with our air monitors and we found no sign of carbon monoxide. however, we checked the residents and they had showed signs of carbon monoxide on them. >> carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can cause lightheadedness and can be deadly. they require carbon monoxide detectors in all home. the coast guard continues
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its search for a teenager whose parents drowned north of eureka. the teen jumped in to save the family dog who had been swept out by 10-foot waves, they ended up in the water trying to save each other. the parents bodies were found but the son is still missing. rrested randee damar williams early yesterday morning.. they say he went to a party and shot a 17- year-old boy. witnesses reported hearing at least sx shots.. when police arrived. the teen was dead. williams was later arrested at his h. a san jose man is under arrt in the murder of a teenager earlier this year. morgan hill police picked up 18-year-old jacob haro on thanksgiving day. he's accud of shooting a 16- year-old y to death in san jose in may. police in san jose believe e killing was gang- related. a 23-year-old man was shot and wounded in the same inciden. was gang related, a 23-year-
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old man was shot and wounded in the same incident. it is 6:06, busy and sadly bloody weekend for oakland police. two women became the latest homicide victims there, both shot to death in early oakland on sunday morning. that brings the number of murders this week to four and 140 people killed this year. a woman near the latest killing says she feels like a prisoner in her own home. >> i like to go for walkings but i don't walk in this neighborhood. i walk at a lake. it's scary. >> police say they have little information, no suspects in that double homicide. there were two other killings on saturday. one was an 18-year-old woman, the other a 19-year-old man. people in san jose will have their say starting tonight about qualities they want in the city's new police chief. the city has started a nationwide search to replace chris moore who plans to retire at the end of january.
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tonight's community meeting starts at 8:00 at the community center. the justice minister o of egypt says the country is close to a resolution to the political crisis that led to a violent clash. dozens more people were killed in dominor yesterday when protesters tried to storm local offices to the muslim brotherhood. protests began with morsi's trying to make himself immune to oversight. >> so assume this kind of power is unacceptable to the united states of america. many other u.s. lawmakers agree that even though they appreciate the help in brokering the truce between israel and hamas, morsi is set to meaty -- meet with members that over see the courts.
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a factory fire killed many inside the building and some had to jump from windows to escape. hundreds of factories have been closed down because of widespread demonstrations there. the company that owns the factory that burns makes clothing for western retail chains like wal-mart. americans are expected to shell out more than one billion dollars when they all go shopping online at work. >> retailers are hoping cyber monday will be as successful as black friday was. cate cauguiran is in the news room. have you been shopping in between your hits. >> there are apps for this. that's i'm saying. that's what they're there for. cyber monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day of the year. technology is a shopping game changer, what's new this cyber monday, the explosion of
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shoppers will use smart phones to shop. retailers are anticipating that 129 million consumers to shop from their offices to ed, but before we get -- today, but before we get click happy, why you may want to second guess the online deal. >> the downside is you don't get to touch and feel things. especially for younger consumers who have less experience shopping and also for tactile objects, especially clothing that you should try on, it's just hard to know what you're getting. >> big box stores are fighting back. by tomorrow, best buy, target, toys "r" us and others will match online prices to get you to buy right now. if you are taking part in cyber monday, we have tips to help you save even more money. some retailers are offering deals by the hour. time slots are posted on sites like if you have an amazon account, you can save with five people to give the gift of free
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shipping. and if you want more tips on how to get the most out of cyber monday, all you have to do is visit our web site, monday. i know i am. i definitely have been looking and taking advantage of these tips. reporting live in the news room cate cauguiran back to you. thank you so much. caught on tape, brawl at a shopping mall outside sacramento. a man used his iphone to record the fight that broke out inside the roseville galleria. witnesses say it started when a man threw the top of a trash can at another man and two women exchanged blows. security arrived after 15 minutes. the video has been viewed more than 15,000 times on youtube. >> that's not the holiday spirit. >> i know. shopping. shouldn't be that stressful. time 6:11, avoiding the fiscal cliff, are both parties willing to compromise. plus dangerous fun, the new
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truck as it dangled from an overpass an oregon man spent nearly an hour trapped inside this pickup truck as it dangled from an over pass on saturday. rescue crews were able to use a basket to get the driver out before taking him to a local hospital. police do not think the injury was life threatening. police say l alcohol was likely a factor in this crash over the holiday weekend. >> he is lucky. 6:15, how are the roads looking since we still have that heavy fog out there.
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>> we all noticed it driving into work this morning. it is super thick. let's check out the san mateo bridge. when we started at 4:30, it was clear. you can bari see traffic on the -- barely see traffic on the span. as you leave hayward heading out toward the high-rise, both directions so far moving pretty much up to to speed. we have not seen too many bad accidents. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. they turned the metering lights on 15 minutes earlier than they usually do. you can see, it is jamming up. it's behind that first overcrossing. you can't see the overcrossing because of the thick fog. this is what it looks like if you're coming up the incline portion of the bay bridge. if you're traveling up westbound 80 o 80, you can't
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see much. it looks likes speeds improve heading toward san francisco. interstate 80 is a particular problem from chp. and the davis area where visibility is a hundred feet or less. let's check in with brian with the latest on the conditions and some big changes coming our way. >> good morning to you and thanks for stopping by channel 5. we are getting off to a foggy start. we had overcast over much of the day around the bay. and low 50s will do it for much of the bay area. 39 degrees in santa rosa. and all the moisture is being pushed under the surface. visibility low this morning. we get the fog, the sun and then we get the rain. that's going to be starting
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tuesday night and right into midweek and thursday and friday for today it looks okay. 67 degrees in san mateo. mid- to upper 60s should do it. 67 apt antioch. 67 for san ramon. rain and strong winds wednesday and thursday. saturday and sunday look wet until the bay area. once we open the gates on this system, they are going to stay open into the extended. stay tuned this week. we'll have the high deaf doppler running overtime on tuesday night. thanks so much. well, the white house says concern over the fiscal cliff could hurt consumer confidence during the holiday shopping season. president obama and congressional leaders will get back to work this week trying to agree on a budget plan. if an agreement is the not reached by the end of the year, a series of tax increases and
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spending cuts will automatically kick in. lawmakers in both major parties say they're willing to compromise. >> when you're $16 trillion in debt, the only pledge we should be making to each other is to avoid becoming brief and republicans should put revenue on the table. >> the big questions are weather republicans are open to some forms of tax increases and whether democrats will consider cuts o to entitlement programs. >> a san francisco couple challenge of the defensive marriage act may be one of several the u.s. supreme court considers this week. the justices will decide whether to hear an appeal from the defenders of the prop 8, the initiative banning gay marriage. they're expected to meet this week to decide which cases it will hear next we're. time for health watch this morning, it's 6:19, it appears childhood injuries related to inflatable bouncers are on the
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ride. that's according to a study published in the journal of pediatrics. bouncers and moon walks are popular at parties but it can put children at risk for fractures, strains and collisions. doctors found from 2008 to 2010, the number of injuries doubled with an average of 31 children injured per day. doctors recommend guidelines for bouncer usage use and better design to prevent injury. a defense outshines the quarterback of the 49ers, this weekend. >> yes, indeed, plus a surprise shower leads nfl players soaked on a field. we have a bit of a delay here. what happened. we'll tell you when we come back. ,,,,,,
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and a good monday morning to you, we'll have sun later in the day. and then by wednesday, thursday, friday, something very wet this way comes. we'll cover it in the forecast. let's see what the latest news is. here's frank and my. it's a foggy bluing -- blur right now across the golden gate and it is clear through milpitas milpitas. thank you, well, the bay area football team, they hit the road on sunday with some mixed result. >> we had a winner and a loser. collin kaepernick started as quarterback again. san francisco's defense scored two touchdowns on the saints drew brees. and a halftime time and one by
6:24 am
dante whitmer. and they are 2 1/2 up on seattle. and carson palmer got oakland on the board in the third with a 20-yard touchdown to moore. bad call late in the game led to a brawl that will lead to fines on both sides. it got ugly and the store was ugly. the raiders lose 34-10. and a big congratulations to san jose state, they are listed in the bts standings at 10 and 2. the spartans rank 25 in the country. big win over louisiana tech. one possibility by the way, the military bowl against bowling green. nice job spartans. on with the steel, back into the play. and won. >> play of the day, courtesy of
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the nba, janoble, a steal, some moves and toronto up and in, he gets two, it's a throughout play as the purr -- 3-point play, as the spurs beat the rafters. football players play in all kinds of conditions. >> it's true, except when the waters systems come on. it was late in the third quarter of the sea hawks game in miami when the sprinklers decided to go on. the players, and refs headed to dry ground until it was fixed. they ended up beating miami 24- 21. >> in over time. >> that shouldn't happen. >> no, it shouldn't. 6:26, pastor problems, why one bay area parishioners sent their parish pastor packing. it's expected to be one of the busiest online shopping days in history, but not all the deals are online.
6:26 am
how brick and mortar stores are fighting back on cyber monday. if you're planning on driving anywhere around the bay today you're going to want to leave extra time for this morning at least. coming up, we'll e show -- we'll show you some of the fog hot spots. jack, you said you wanted a whole new breakfast item. i give you... flap jacks. hmm! thing is, i don't know if i'm comfortable with people eating my face. how 'bout a loaded breakfast sandwich with country-grilled sausage, bacon, ham, two fried eggs, and melting cheese on toasted sourdough. don't do it. don't eat my face... do not eat my... you ate his face?!
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mallicoat. this may have been the busiest day for sfo since before 911. millions of americans head home for the long holiday weekend and are gearing up for cyber monday. black friday weekend was a success by any measure. a busy and bloody weekend for oakland police. i like to go for walks but
6:30 am
i don't walk in this neighborhood. i walk at a lake. a new pastor sent packing. >> he's not someone that i think should lead our flock. a google search reveals hunter might come with baggage. protesters in central cairo with rocks and tear gas canisters. president obama and congress begin negotiations this week to avoid the coming fiscal cliff. a pilot from nevado and his passenger are recovering after making an emergency landing near the cal state campus. from across the bay, to around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning and i'm michelle griego. good morning everyone, it's monday november 26th i'm michelle griego. >> that we could went quick. >> it did. >> i'm frank mallicoat. and a word of caution if your hitting the road this morning, take it slow out there because
6:31 am
there's a whole lot of fog. >> visibility is especially bad on major bridges. cbs5 reporter, anne makovec is on the embarcadero near the bay bridge and we could hardly see it if some of the live shots. >> that's right. somehow i got through this morning. >> you know, that fog just does nasty stuff to our transmission. >> i know. hopefully we'll check back in with anne. >> you can't see it, you can barely see the lights because of the fog out there. brian hackney in for lawrence karnow this morning. >> we have dense fog around the bay area this morning. visibility down to near zero in spots. that fog will give away to sunshine earlier today than it did yesterday and we'll expect numbers mostly in the low 50s except inland where it will be
6:32 am
chillily. san -- chillier. oakland at 52. san jose at 43. and here's what it looks like r -- for 8 to 14 days over the west coast. it will be dry in the southwest but if you look at where there's a preponderance of rain, it's going to go wetter than usual for early december. for the bay area, doesn't look bad. temperatures in the mid-60s for the most part. san francisco a high of 62. 62 at oakland. and san jose, 66 degrees. and in the extended forecast, couple of clear days to start the week, but increasing clouds lead to rain and wind, on wednesday, on thursday, on friday, on saturday, on sunday, it's going to get wet in the bay area. it will be a big week for the
6:33 am
radar. how is the affecting the -- how is the fog affecting the traffic, elizabeth has that. you can see coming up 280 you can barely see the skyline. westbound and eastbound 92, both in fog this morning. there it is. you can barely make out the taillights. that is the commute direction. chp issued dense fog advisories for pretty much every bridge across the bay area including the san mateo bridge. we haven't seen too many accidents but in milpitas we have one reported westbound 237 near sanker road and that's one of the clear spots. it's a 5 car accidents, westbound 237 off to the right hand shoulder but we have brake
6:34 am
lights in the westbound lanes. >> and one hour, 14 minute delay. if you're flying out. might want to check ahead there. if you need proof, anne makovec, take two, that bay bridge, you can't see it. >> no, and i was trying to tell you guys earlier i've made it through this morning thus far without using the cheesy phrase pea soup. but the bay bridge is above me. you can e only see the lights right now. very foggy, and at the golden gate bridge and the inland areas particularly the east bay. the video we took earlier this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza, it shows you how you need to leave a limb extra time if you're -- little extra time if you're going to be hitting the roads this morning. you don't see the car in front of you or the signs until you're right up on it. the chp has issued a fog
6:35 am
advisory on all the bridges. and it's particularly bad in the vacaville area and they need 580 eastbound as a traffic hot spot when it comes to being affected by the fog. it should be clearing later on this morning but for now, be aware of it. live in san francisco, anne makovec cbs 5. thank you. three people from the bay area are among four killed in a crash near placerville. the chp says a prius and a mini van collided head on near highway 50 last night. a man, woman and child from oakland died in the prius, a 4- year-old girl died in the van. the prius veered into oncoming traffic. it's not clear why. 31 are people were killed on california streets and highways over the holiday weekend. that's 10 more than a year ago. the chp investigated the deaths of 21 people in cars from wednesday night to last night. 13 of those 21 were not wearing isn'ts. here in the bay area, 6 people
6:36 am
were killed in 5 different accidents and there were 224dui arrests. more than a dozen people were hospitalized from carbon monoxide exposure on sunday but officials aren't sure where it came from. it happened at a home in bernal heights. fire crews called to the home around . most suffered minor exposure. they were treated at a hospital and later released. crews from pg&e and the department of public health were called in to help investigate. >> when we arrived, we checked the residents with our air monitors and we found no sign of carbon monoxide. however, we checked the residents and they had showed signs of carbon monoxide on them. pg&e checked the house and could not find the source of the carbon monoxide. parishioners of the one of the oldest african-american churches say they want a new
6:37 am
leader. john hunter was appointed by a bishop but hunter faced accusations sexual harassment in los angeles. >> if you made some mistakes, fine, say you made mistakes, but people wanted questions resolved before he took over leadership of our church. >> the la times reports that hunter used the church's credit cards for personal expenses and he owes the irs more than $300,000 in back taxes. they confronted him and refused to let him in. the goal is the same as last week and that of course is to shop. >> buy a lot. but the venue, a little bit different now. cbs 5 cate cauguiran she's in the news room reporting about the deals that are going online today and apparently so are the shoppers, too right. >> that's right. retailers are anticipating about 129 million shoppers to be clicking and cashing in
6:38 am
today and they say sales could reach a billion and a half dollars. cyber monday is the date the online retailers have been holding onto the post thanksgiving sales. this dates back to 2005. but what's new this year, one in four will go to mobile devices to find the best deals and that's nearly double from last year in a trend that's expected to continue. technology is changing the game for holiday shopping. >> online retailers have made great strides in making it very easy for people to return things, pay stubs, shipping labels and free shipping off times free returns and so that's had something to do with the increase in online shopping. >> even though cyber monday gets you away from the crowd, shopping is competitive, so we have tips to save you more money. retailers are offering deals by the hour. time slots are posted on web sites like and you can set up price alerts if you aren't in a rush to buy today. if you have an amazon prime
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account, share with five other people to give the gift of free shipping. if you are a student or parent, you can get free trial memberships without paying the annual fee. and you can install browser extensions and use web sites like google products to compare prices. and all you have to do is visit our web site >> are you shopping already. >> no i was going to let you, there's a few apps to get a head start. what some texans are threatening to do after president obama's big election win. and how the pilot and their passenger made it out alive. and the markets just opened 10 minutes ago after the big holiday weekend. let's look at the early numbers from cyber monday. not so hot. we'll crunch those numbers much more. jason brooks coming up next. ,,
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the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. train. [train whistle blows] wishing you happy holidays.
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in southern california. a pilot from novato and his passenger are recovering afr emergency landing near tragedy in southern california, a pilot from nevado, a pilot and his passenger are recovered after making an emergency landing. it apparently lost power. the plane clipped as fence as it went down and flipped over. the pilot and passenger were able to crawl o out of the wreckage and they are listed in fair condition. the cause though is under investigation but they're lucky to walk away from that. >> i guess so. from motorcycle riding judges to nationalizing the twinkies industry, americans can petition the white house for all your concerns. >> many can be down right
6:44 am
bizarre. mymely chagrin is here with one that is gaining traffic. >> the white house has a site where anyone can create a petition. it's petitions.white house.goff. any petition that gets more than 25,000 signatures gets an official response from the white house. there are a couple up there that i think people would be interested in. there are over 240 active petitions but there is one to establish a legal system of motorcycle riding judgessings who serve as police, judge, jury and executioner all in one. and there is one to trade your deemployee ma for -- diploma to get your tuition back. the reason we bring this up is because since election day when barack obama was reelected there has been petitions r for
6:45 am
states to secede from the union. in particular the petition from the republic of texas leads the pack with over 117,000 signatures. i apologize, that's my fault. it's actually 117,000 signatures. >> are all those folks from texas or is this from all over the place. >> it's turned into a bit of a referendum so other states can weigh in on what states should be in the union. i did a sample. of the 117,000 signatures, i looked at over 58,000 of them and only 56% are people who are in texas. the rest are from people elsewhere in the nation. 7% are in california. 36 of the signatures from from people in san francisco. >> does that mean some people want texas out of the union. >> that would be the indication. it's not scientific, but it would seem so. >> as a californian, i was smug
6:46 am
about the fact that 40% of the people were saying take texas, don't let the door hit you. there's a petition to allow california to secede from the union and it has almost 15,000 signatures, 60% of those are from outside the state of california. >> if i don't like my diploma i got from call, i can send it back and get my tuition. >> if you signed the petition and the white house took up the cause, that would be the case. >> and remember you can find more of her segments on this is an interesting one. this was good. when state office holders get their next paycheck, they're going to find a little bit smaller pay inside old paycheck. top officials from the governor on down and 120 members of the slate legislature are getting a 5% pay cut. harris' pay will be cut down to
6:47 am
143,000 bucks. that puts her behind george gascon. the politicians always say they don't run office to get rich. >> they're doing it because of a variety of factors, including the pursuit of power, the ambition to go to higher places and also of course hopefully public service, that they want to give back to their community. >> 5% pay cut was ordered by the california citizens compensation commission. they did this past may. they cut contributions to officials health plans. american retailers are counting their money to see how they did on black friday. >> let's check in with jason brooks on this cider monday. >> early indications are that americans broke out that credit cards over the 4 day shopping season, national retail federation say there are a record 247 million shoppers and
6:48 am
they sent $59.1 billion. $6.7billion more than last year. average shoppers spending $4234, $25 more than what they did during the same period a year ago. also getting reports this morning from digi times that google is planning their own notebook. and it would be 12.8 i remembers in diameter -- inches in diameter. we might see the notebook by the end of the year. pretty quiet day, the dow finished back about 13,000 on a gain of 178 points. market heading the other way this morning despite the positive black friday shopping results, a lot of concerns over europe, waning consumer confidence in germany and a continuing debate about what to do about greece. a look at the numbers, the dow is losing 69 points, nasdaq is falling by 2, the s&p is down
6:49 am
by 6. >> frank and michelle back to you. jason brooks. a look on what's later on cbs this morning. >> charlie rose joins us from new york in the big chair. good morning charlie. >> good morning frank and michelle. flights are delayed more often than amount others and we'll show you which five and how to avoid. and hollywood's biggest icon in need of aphis lift, a look at the massive facelift, that and more when we see you at 7. >> we have flight delays here at sfo, so. >> a lot of fog. >> have a good morning. thanks. >> speaking of fog, let's kick it over to brian to find out how long it's going to be stocked in here. >> another 120 minutes, frank. we're going to be looking at visibilities fairly low but not as much fog and clouds as we had yesterday. we have a dense fog alert posted until 9:00 this morning
6:50 am
right through the central valley. visibility less than a quarter mile. concord 41 degrees. oakland at 52. there's a the golden gate bridge. livermore 40, sfo, it's 51 and delays of more than an hour headed out of sfo this morning. here's how looks in the eastern pacific. high pressure over the california coastline nudges east ward. as it does, it will open the door to a couple systems out there and as the storm door opens, they're stacking up like a deck of cards in the pacific and we're going to get delta a pretty good hand on wednesday. foggy and sunny. at sfo, fog being reported and a forecast high of 65 degrees. elsewhere down in the south land, los angeles is okay. overcast skies in chicago and denver. new york city, partly sunny skies, and 48 degrees. back in the bay area, the numbers today, we'll make do
6:51 am
with a reading in the mid-60s. san francisco today, just 62. 62 at oakland. 67 in livermore and they have clear skies. extended forecast, boy does it get wicked this week. wednesday we'll get wet. enjoy the next couple of days of sunshine, but it's not going to last. as for how the fog is affecting the traffic. elizabeth has your update. we first got to work this morning, i couldn't remember the last time i had seen the fog this thick at the bay bridge toll plaza. difficult to see that overcrossing in the distance. it is stacking up toward the 88 overcrossing. and they turned on the metering lights pretty early this morning, right around 6:00. you have brake lights like this and pretty difficult to see up the incline. and let's check the golden gate bridge.
6:52 am
dense fog advisories for pretty much every bridge across the bay area and a foggy blur this morning as you head across the span of the golden gate bridge heading toward doyle drive. drive time in the green. 580 from golden gate toll plaza. we have not seen too many big accidents one of which we have seen is actually in one of our least foggy areas. westbound 237 approaching sanker roche 5 car accident. not blocking lanes but causing a delay. we have brake lights through milpitas and once you get past that exit it looks good. here is a live look down 101, a flight to catch, heading out of town after the long holiday weekend. sfo, there are flight delays on arrival so a heads up there. and that is the check of traffic and weather together every 10 minutes, back to you guys. it might be hard to believe, but a pair of nfl
6:53 am
cheer leaders shaved their heads. >> did it right before the game, they did it in support of their head coach chuck pagano. he is battling leukemia. it was diagnosed before the season started. the mascot issued a challenge and since then he has raised $22,000. the clear leaders agreed to shave their head and the entire team has already done it. it's motivated the troops. look at that. >> they're cheer leaders that is awesome because that's so much a part of their image. kudos to them. >> the team is 7 and 4. they had a big win over the weekend. andrew luck the quarterback. the final check of your top stories. and forget jingle bell rock, the texas family decided to do a little something a little bit different. we have it for you. coming up. on california streets and
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
highways over the holiday weekend. well, 31 people were killed on california streets and highways over the holiday weekend. >> that's 10 more than a year ago. the chp investigated the deaths of 21 people in cars from wednesday night to last night. 13 of those 21 were not wearing seat belts. here in the bay area 6 people were killed and there were 224dui arrests. cyber monday bargains are online today as internet retailers try to jump start the holiday season. it will be the biggest online shopping day of the year for the third day in a row. -- year in a row. online spending could reach a half billion dollars this year. 20% higher than yesterday.
6:58 am
>> maybe online today. >> the 24th, right, that's when i'll start. >> christmas eve. >> yeah, sure. computers will work that day, i think. let's look at the weather forecast. after we dispense with the fog, won't be bad. 62 in the city. increase clouds tomorrow night and things will get wet, wild and windy on wednesday. >> look at that. what a weather week. the commute right now out toward the bay bridge, we have an accident in the macarthur maze, it is stacked up well into the maze at the bay bridge toll plaza where they turned the meter lights on early. a look at the san mateo bridge, you can see traffic but chp has dense fog advisories for all the bridges this morning. >> it was tricky getting in this morning. >> and clear there's a look at san jose. well, a song just became
6:59 am
the most watched video on youtube. >> and now gangnam style is getting big time play in the lone star state. >> ♪ gangnam style ♪ >> a homeowner in texas, has this christmas display. sinked it up to the song. >> 830 or 40 million on youtube. >> hits on youtube. >> and the most viewed video on youtube. that song is going to be stuck in any head all day. >> those poor neighbors. >> have a great day.

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